The University of Kentucky Next Generation Leadership Academy helps to kick off transformative change to learning environments in schools. Through our yearlong academies we help district and teacher leadership teams to implement a transformative project to fidelity as an entry point to systemic innovation.

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What We Offer

Core to our model is ongoing access to University of Kentucky College of Education faculty who participate in the Next Generation Leadership Academy. These faculty bring their research and practical expertise in school reform to assist local leaders in transformative change.

Next Gen. Academies provide access to world class experts both available onsite during professional development days as well as through consultation in an ongoing manner.

By joining the Next Gen. Academy you gain access to our deep network of school leaders that are actively engaged in school improvement. We intentionally network new participants with existing leaders who have expertise in their content, grade-level, and reform areas.

Our Work Flow

7 Days of Professional Development

Each UK Next Generation Leadership Academy provides 7 or more days of professional development at a central location. These days are spread throughout the year to provide ongoing learning for participants as well as checkpoints on each district’s reform process.

Digital Resources

As a UK Next Generation Leadership participant you and your team gain access to our digital resource bank which includes both open access content that our team makes available as well as private resources for our participants.

Ongoing Support

Our staff are available to support your district’s reform efforts either through onsite or offsite support when you need it.

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NxGLeadership Academy

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What People Are Saying About NxGL Academy

I’ve created a useable project that I will start implementing on Monday in my Biology classes. So my students better watch out! The way I teach, and the way they are expected to learn has just done a 180  in my classroom.

Next Generation Teacher Participant

I have a much better understanding of what it means to prepare project based learning as opposed to project oriented learning. The presentations   made the concept  “click” for me and I’m very excited about going back to my classroom and doing project based learning activities with my students!

Next Generation Teacher Participant

I loved the time to work on projects and get critiques and encouragement from fellow colleagues!!! Neat strategies for sharing ideas and feedback!

Next Generation Teacher Participant

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Drop us a line anytime, and we will be happy to talk with you about how to participate in a Next Generation Leadership/Teacher cohort.

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