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Ch. 3 Knowledge and Skill

Evaluating Your Own Knowledge

COMPASS consultants need knowledge of the content required for conducting a COMPASS consultation, research on evidence based practices in ASD, and research on consultation effectiveness. Equally important is the ability to implement a COMPASS consultation – or the process skills necessary to be an effective consultant. While knowledge of the content is necessary, it is insufficient. The ability to put into practice and apply COMPASS effectively is also required. This chapter starts with a self-assessment of content skills, followed by process skills. Here are some questions to consider.

1. The importance of social validity.

  • Describe social validity in your own words.
  • What specific aspects of COMPASS enhance its social validity?

2. The difference between content knowledge and process knowledge.

  • Complete the self-evaluation on content knowledge and describe the areas for further self-study.
  • Complete the self-evaluation on process skills, describe the areas of self-study as well as the methods to enhance the application of process skills.

3. The three skill levels that COMPASS consultants must obtain.

4. The eight content knowledge and nine process skill competencies required of COMPASS consultants.