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Ch. 2 Theory

Theory Behind Compass

This chapter explains the theoretical framework of COMPASS. the following three points are made. Please consider each point carefully and answer the following questions.

1. The influences of behavioral, social learning theory, and mental health consultation on COMPASS.

  • Describe the three influences on COMPASS and provide examples of what each influence means and how it is reflected in COMPASS.
  • How do these influences affect what the consultant does with the teacher and what the teacher does with the child?

2. How person–environment interactions which are conceptualized in COMPASS are influenced by the WHO framework of impairment, disability, and handicap.

  • What is the WHO framework and how does it apply to autism?
  • Provide an example of how a child is handicapped?
  • Explain the disease, impairment, disability, and handicap continuum. Provide an example.

3. Personal challenges and supports and their relationship with competence.

  • How has competence been defined?
  • How does this definition of outcome differ from traditional definitions of outcome?