College of Education Faculty Governance

College of Education Faculty Governance Members

Faculty Council Officers

Kelly Bradley (EPE)

Vice Chair
Margaret Mohr-Schroeder (STEM)

Recording Secretary
Mark Abel (KHP)

Faculty Council Members

Joan Mazur (EDC)
Tricia Browne-Ferrigno (EDL)
Xin Ma (EDP)
Katherine McCormick (EDSRC)
Heather Erwin (at large)
John Nash (at large)
Susan Cantrell (at large)
Mary John O’Hair (ex-officio)
Rosetta Sandidge (ex-officio)

College Senators – ex-officio’s on Faculty Council
Allan Allday
Joan Mazur
Katherine McCormick
Margaret Mohr-Schroeder
John Nash
Kristen Mark
Willis Jones
Fred Danner
Melody Noland