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Usher_UKEllen L. Usher, Lab Director, is Chellgren Endowed Professor at the University of Kentucky. She received her PhD in Educational Studies from Emory University in 2007. She hold a Master’s in middle grades education (Oglethorpe University) and a Bachelor’s in foreign language education (University of Georgia). She spent six years as an elementary and middle school teacher. Her research focuses on the sources and effects of beliefs of personal efficacy from the perspective of social cognitive theory. She is interested in cross-cultural research and in exploring factors related to physical and psychological health. She currently serves as Associate Editor for the British Journal of Educational Psychology and as an editorial board member of the American Educational Research Journal, Journal of Educational Psychology, and Contemporary Educational Psychology. Dr. Usher teaches courses in educational psychology, learning theories, and motivation. She also directs a research course for undergraduate students interested in research in educational psychology.  Email: ellen.usher [at]