Helpful Links

List of GL Codes, very useful stuff:


Payroll Schedule list, if you don’t do payroll you won’t understand the importance of this list but trust me, the payroll schedules are vital:


The Accounts Payable Purchasing Quick Reference Guide, you use this to find out how you can pay for something, very handy:


Teacher Course Evaluation website:


PRD Catalog Listing, a list of things that can be paid for using the PRD process:


Travel:  I keep these bookmarked so when I’m doing travel I have easy access:


Travel Regs:


Domestic Travel PerDiem:


Foreign (including Alaska and Hawaii) Per Diem:


Currency Converter:


For people who do hiring:


UK’s I-9 policy and instructions:

IRS W-4 form:


UK Course Catalog and Bulletin:

Tax Exempt:

Adobe Captivate Training and Help:

Jerone Farley

Information Security Awareness – Facebook Group:
This group was started as a student project and has grown into a valid resource.


Recycling on the UK campus – Where to EMail for questions or support

Link for recycling [Shared, PPD Recycling]