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After work, and you’re still at work? YUP!

I’m guilty of it, often my mind is on technology because of how much I treat my job as part of my personal identity. It is often done just as a way of acknowledging, mistakenly, who we are. How we describe ourselves will often use words in relation to others around us or how we spend our time. When you think of it, does that mean you are ever really giving yourself the full value of who “you” are?

If work is who you are, then what happens when you go on vacation or leave work or even transition to a new role in your work? Do you suddenly become someone else? Gosh, I’m asking a lot of questions but this is a subject I think has to have a bit of Socratic method to it. Because, if you are walking out the door any day of your work week and you still have your mind on work, what are you giving to yourself and those around you at other times?

For myself, I try to make that transition before I step out of the door. I will say things like “I’ve done all the damage I can do today”. Meaning, nothing I start or continue will be completed any more so than it is. This gives me time to check off my to do list and start fresh. Tomorrow is new, and by far should be a new approach. If you feel you are on to something, take notes and leave it to be picked up tomorrow.

Personally I am one of those types I like to get up a bit early. I scan through messages and emails. I prep for the day by going through a daily check in list. I haven’t actually committed myself to doing something until I am at work, however everything from the previous day is easily picked back up or put aside for other priorities. By this measure I take out the task based routines and focus on the people aspects of the day. It makes it easier to interact with my “to do list” if I know it is the people I am working through and not just some notes on a piece of paper.

It certainly makes my mind a bit more settled when I leave at the end of the day, knowing I will just as easily pick up where I left off when the time comes.