LISTSERV instructions:
Web-based instructions. Instructions for subscribers using the web interface are available at Subscriber’s Corner.
Instructions for List-users     (NOTE: LISTSERV commands should be sent to the address LISTSERV@nullLSV.UKY.EDU)
    • Subscribing to a College of Education LISTSERV.
      Most of the LISTSERVs supported by the College can be found using our LISTSERV portal page for major LISTSERVs, for course LISTSERVs, and for KERA-related LISTSERVs.Thus far the faculty LISTSERVs have been set to “private” so only subscribed addresses may send mail to a faculty LISTSERV. For some people who want to send mail to COEFAC, all the faculty, the requirement is that their address must be on each LISTSERV to which they want to send mail. Instead of receiving mail from every faculty LISTSERV, you may subscribe and then set your subscription to NOMAIL.
    • Setting mail to NOMAIL.
      Some participants prefer only to send mail to a LISTSERV, without receiving mail from the group.You may do so by going to and following the directions to change your own settings, e.g.,
    • Copies of outgoing mail.
      Some participants want to receive copies of their outgoing mail.If you want to modify your own settings to receive a copy of your outgoing mail send mail to LISTSERV@nullLSV.UKY.EDU with the text of SET REPRO LISTNAME

      Listowners may modify the settings so everyone receives a copy of their outgoing posting, send mail to LISTSERV@nullLSV.UKY.EDU with the text of SET REPRO * FOR LISTNAME PW=XXXXXX

    • Copies of dialogue.
      Some participants want to review a dialogue from a previous month on the LISTSERV.When you access a list with an archive restricted to member, you are asked to enter the email address that matches your subscription and a password you’ve selected for listserv. If you have not chosen a password, the third line of the screen in blue has the web link titled “get a new LISTSERV password first”

      You can save the password in a “cookie” and automatically logon from the machine having the “cookie”.

    • Reviewing the LISTSERV.
      Some participants and List-owners want to know who else is on the LISTSERV.If you want to Review who is subscribed, you may send mail to LISTSERV@nullLSV.UKY.EDU with the text of REVIEW LISTNAME. You will receive a listing in alphabetical order. Further, if you want the review to be in order of the “node”, i.e., by internet provider, you may send mail to LISTSERV with the text of REVIEW LISTNAME BY NODE.
    • Receiving a digest.
      Some participants want to receive one posting a day from the LISTSERV.If the individual wants to receive a daily Digest, you may send mail to LISTSERV with the text of SET LISTNAME DIGEST. LISTSERV will recognize your address and send you a daily collection of the postings.

      For list owners: If a participant wants to receive a Digest of the daily postings to the LISTSERV, you may set mail to LISTSERV@nullLSV.UKY.EDU with the text of SET DIGEST LISTNAME FOR ADDRESS@NODE, e.g., set digest cudcp for

    • Advanced LISTSERV participants.
      Some LISTSERV participants will become advanced and will find additional and useful information from the developers of LISTSERV.
    • Deleting ALL subscribers from a course LISTSERV. At the end of each semester course listowners will want to delete all subscribers from the course LISTSERV. You may do so by sending mail to LISTSERV@nullLSV.UKY.EDU with the text of QUIET DELETE LISTNAME #@* PW=XXXXXX
  • Self-deletion.
    Many LISTSERV participants will graduate or move on without notifying the Listowner. These no-longer valid addresses produce error messages. Students and other participants may follow the directions and self-delete all of their addresses from the Major or Program LISTSERV. Other students will subscribe to a course and later want to remove their address from the LISTSERV; in this case, students link to the departmental subscription page and follow the directions for self-deletion.